Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Letting him sing

This morning, Morgan was super stimmy. We're talking bouncy house lovin', Tigger was doing shots of expresso and then jumpin' around, plus scripting/singing (loudly) every Thomas the Tank Engine song known to man and then some stimmy. It smells like the new school year around here, folks. 

I was expecting the usual moans and groans from Bay in the backseat. But no, there wasn't a peep. He even sang along a few times. I peered in my review mirror at a stoplight once and saw Bay covering his ears. I cringed, thinking that I would hear, "Mor-GAHN! Stop SINGING! PLEASE!" But... nothing.

We pulled up to the school and Bay told his big brother to have a great day. 

I dropped off the big kid, who went bounding off to his para (sorry for the lack of a warning text, Mrs. S!). I was told by Bay that he could still hear his brother singing (I hear ya, bud!), ran an errand and headed home. On the way, in between chatter about zombies and the park, there was a lull in the conversation. 

"Mama," I heard from the back, "Morgan's the best brother ever. He really needed to sing and bounce this morning, huh?"

"Yeah, sweetie, he really did. He needed to get that out before school."

"Does that hurt him? To need to do that?"

"Why don't you ask him?"



"I hope I'm as smart as my brother. He's the smartest brother ever." 

"I think that's pretty cool of you think."

"Morgan's so good, Mama."

"What do you mean?"

"To me. He's always good to me. He's not mean to me, even when he's sad or being mean to you. He's a good kid to other kids, even mean kids."

"Yes, he is a good kid."

"I'm always going to let him sing before school. I wouldn't want him to hurt. He could lose his awesomeness."

I'm going to admit that I pretty much melted right there because, well, my youngest son is great. He adores his big brother. 

A few weeks ago, during a rare blow up between them, I sat the kids down and told them to say one really great thing and one thing that bothered them about the other one- but to be respectful. Bay's, about Morgan, was that he didn't play enough with him and that he's the smartest boy in the world. That's huge, folks. 

Every time I think that Bailey might be dooming me for insanity, he turns around and surprises the pants off of me. He is, truly, a great child and wonderful brother to Morgan. 

I hope that they always stay this close. And that Bailey always wants his brother to sing. Even if Morgan does sing very loudly. And off key. 


  1. so heartwarming and lovely to read that.

  2. Why do you want to make me cry? Sooooo Beautiful Jessi! Sheila

  3. wow! that made me tear up! What great kiddos you are raising Jessi! You must be so proud!!!!

  4. What amazing and compassionate kids! You are doing a great job!!

  5. that needed a tissue alert! That was a great post. *Ü*