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We love you, Mom

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My sister, Mariah, and I think our mom is awesome. I'm sure our brother thinks so, too, but he was too busy to get back to me for this post. Kidding, he loves you, Mom, the kids were just going nuts and he couldn't get anything to me. In honor of Mother's Day, instead of telling you all the ways you messed me up, I thought I'd let you in on the cool stuff you did for us and how much we love and appreciate you.

First of all, you birthed us. That's wicked cool of you. But you didn't just stop there, oh no, you went on and fed us, clothed us, and cared for us for a couple of decades. That's some dedication right there. You allowed me to say smart things and really hone my sarcasm. You even taught me most of what I know. You rock.

Mariah says it a lot nicer (she's the nice one, did I mention that?), "She has always been there for me and I know she tries her best to make sure my family and I always have what we need. Even now, she still takes care of us. That is what makes an awesome mom."

My mom and I are pretty close, so are her and my sister. People used to think that we were weird, as teenagers, because instead of going out to parties (which we I did) all the time, we would hang out with our Mom. She once, in order to see Jethro Tull beforehand, came to an Incubus concert with Mariah and I. How
many moms do that?

Riah said, "My mom and I have always had a strong relationship. Even when she drives me crazy (few and far between), I still call her daily. I used to call her after she moved to Fl and I was on my own, just to let her know what I was doing and if I was going out. I knew she would be worried and it gave me peace of mind knowing she knew where I was. Can’t say that about too many 18-19 year olds."

Mom instilled in us a love of the water whether it's an ocean, a lake, stream, or pool. Mariah and I are complete water babies as are our boys. This might have something to do with Mom popping us on the beach when we were babies. One of my earliest memories is being on the beach with my brother, swimming, with
Mom being right there to catch me if I sunk. We grew up chasing each other down docks, running over beaches, and sailing. We have Mom to thank for that. I don't think it's a complete coincidence that Riah now lives in Miami and I'm close to the water in New Orleans. And we're happy.

In Okinawa, holding Jackson
Mom has made a fantastic grandmother. Riah and I both agree that she's made an even better gramma than mom. Our kids get away with so much around her! Morgan started calling her "Babe" because that's what our bonus dad, Rocco, calls her. Now, half her eight (in all) grandkids call her that. I find it hilarious. Our boys are super spoiled by their grandmother, it began at birth for most of them. Mom has made it to one birth and has been at our houses for all but two grandkids right after they were born. She actually flew all the way to Okinawa, Japan, from Florida for the birth of Mariah's son, Jackson. That's love, y'all!

Mom still holds my hand when I'm hurting. Right after she flew home from Mariah's son's birth, she turned around and drove up to the mountains in Tennessee for me. I had to have a hysterectomy and needed help with the boys, plus I was on partial bed rest for a little over a week. She came and made things easier. She's driven many miles since then to help me out when I'm really sick. Since I've never had any family close by to rely on, it's meant even more. (FYI, I feel the need to mention at this point that my mother in law also comes and helps me out when I need her. Thanks Mary!)

Christmastime 2011
Back to the gramma thing...Mariah's son, Jackson, and Morgan and Bailey love my mom. I mean, love. My kiddos know that when they go to Babe's house in the summer, it's a chance for them to run around half clothed in the Florida sunshine, go to the beach and build sand castles with Babe, and get spoiled rotten. Guys, this lady potty trained my autistic son! Seriously. Morgan adores his Babe. They, even more than her and Bay, have an intensely close relationship. I love that. Mariah told me, "Jackson and her are best friends. They grew the bond when we lived down the street from them for a year. Even though we are now on the opposite side of the state from her, they are still super close." By the way, I'm pretty sure Morgan picked up his licking stim from my mom... she taught him to dive bomb my feet and lick them when he was a baby. Oh yeah, love her for that.
Jackson and Mom

In short (okay, not so short), we love our mom because she's Mom. She's not perfect and never pretends to be that way. She taught us that it's okay to make mistakes, to cry, and to kick ass when you need to. She cheers us on. She gives great gardening tips. She's Mom. And she's ours. We love you, Mom.

We get our fashion sense from our Mom.

All three us. Pirates. Rarr.

Psstt... Since Mariah and I were all cool about professing how awesome you are in print and our brother had to opt out... Does this mean she and I will get cooler stuff than him for Christmas? Or when you die? Just wondering. No pressure.

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