Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A small brag in gratitude

Today is the last (half) day of Morgan's second grade year. I'm a bit startled that we've arrived here, but then, it seemed like this school year would never end, either.

Yesterday, he brought home the contents of his desk- notebooks, a couple of workbooks, fluency charts for reading and a funny-looking hand made composition/poetry notebook. I teared up looking through some of it, but not entirely for the contents.

The progress my son has made this year astonishes me.

He began the year not being able to read very well at all. He wouldn't or couldn't read books out loud or to himself. I wasn't sure exactly how much he could comprehend or if he ever would. I'm still not, to be honest, but I do have an inkling now that things might end up alright. He doesn't hate reading anymore.

Morgan has worked so very hard. His teacher, para, therapists, and helpers have gone above and beyond with him. For as much as I know I've complained about the homework and the review I've done with him, I know it's been more than worth it.

My son can read.

He can write sentences.

He doesn't always need prompts to begin those things.

Not always.

Those are not small things.


*To everyone that has been a part of our team this year, directly or on the periphery, thank you. We cannot have this level of success without you. We love and appreciate every one of you.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
~B.B. King

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