Sunday, July 21, 2013

People like you

Hey, you. You there, not raising a kid on the spectrum.

I know that it must look as if I "play into Morgan's Autism," but you saying things like this or you leaving comments for me about how I need to let him be a kid really just pisses me off.  You think you must know what this is like because you've spent some time around him? Or read about him? You're full of crap.

I know that I've been full of ansty rants for most of the summer, but there are reasons for this.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the looks and condescension. I'm tired of the crap advice coming from people who, though they might have known me my entire damn life, don't know my life. And who make weird observations like "it must be the moon cycle" or "autistic children can sense things.. like animals." I can sense things, too... like when someone is an ass.

My kid's Autism? Not about you.
My son is a kid. An Autistic kid. Some days, he seems to waves that "A flag" really proudly and high in the air. I let him. To deny who Morgan is would be to deny him a reality that we live in. A reality that, while it's not easy, isn't horrible. So, I let him chug, whistle, flap, and script those train stories. Who is he hurting,

I'm tired, too, of having to remind people to cut the crap and stop using the word "retarded" around my child and me. Is it that hard? Would you say the word "nigger" around my biracial cousins? Hell no, you wouldn't. Use some common sense, please. Your ignorance exhausts me.

As the parent of a special needs child, I somehow feel like it's my duty to inform as many people as possible about how to speak to parents like me. Or to people like Morgan. To treat us as humans, but humans deserving of respect. This isn't a PC thing, it's a "don't be a jackwagon" thing.

Put yourself in my shoes. What would you do?

For now... I'm enjoying my summer with my child, but I'm tired. Of people like you.

*Don't make this about you, unless you know for sure this is about you. 
**I didn't bleep out the two slurs used because I find them both equally offensive.

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