Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year End Stream of...Crap

Today wasn't a great day. For starters, I awoke to find what I thought was chocolate covered cherries by my Christmas tree. I even picked one up. Guess what? It was dog crap. Yep, that's how my super early morning started- with dog crap. Oh well, I thought.

Then, things just went... blah. I couldn't set anything to rights. So, therefore, I decided to hit a mental and physical (I was in pain due to an RA and lupus flare) "reset button." It lasted all of 20 minutes, but you know what my sweet moment was? My sweet, sweet, adorable, oldest child coming in and giving me "night, night" kisses. It was lovely. He thought I needed it. See there, Mr. Baron Cohen? That's called EMPATHY, ya jerk.

While I was laying in bed, thinking of all I needed to do, it occurred to me that I needed and wanted to write. I want to write more in the new year because I enjoy the hell out of it, even if five people read this thing. I ran through my mind all that has happened this year and believe me, a lot has. It would take a novella to describe all that has happened directly to me, but this is about Morgan and my life with him. Actually, I've written a lot about Morgan's major things lately, but I wanted to touch on the milestones again or the ones I've missed. So, here goes...

Morgan, this year, has learned to read! He cracks us up while we drive down the street by reading signs out loud. Sometimes, since we live outside of New Orleans, those signs aren't exactly "kosher," but we still laugh because he's reading. I love that.

We moved this year and Morgan, while he misses TN, loves his new home. It dawned on me not even two hours ago, that in the six months we've lived here, we've had more kids come over to play and vice versa with Morgan than we've EVER had in his whole little life. That's sad, but I'm wanting to celebrate it more. It means that the wonderful people we're surrounding ourselves with (if you're reading this, Mrs. S and Ms. A, especially!!!) are truly great people and that they don't judge our child for carrying the "A-card" like a disease or for being different. It helps that these two particular women I've mentioned are both funny as hell and love Morgan.

Morgan loves his new school. I mean, really loves it. He loves his teacher, has made friends, loves his paras (aides), and has buddied up to a male figure that "puts him to work" to make him feel special. His school is a great place and though we're still working out kinks, he's doing really well.

He's cutting his own food!

He put together his own Lego truck!!! I know, I know, I did that whole post about "what not to buy my autistic child," but my hubby and I caved and bought the kiddos the 405 piece tub of catch in the feet in the middle of the night Legos for Christmas. They begged, okay? Then, the day after Christmas, Morgan startled me with this:

Morgan showing off his "lorry."

I am not saying that this year has been all roses, because it has not. My son has watched me be sick more than healthy at times. I have a disorder that made him think on a few occasions that I was DEAD- that sucks. He still tantrums, but not much.

What I'm choosing to highlight in this current climate of "panic about autism leading to psychotic behavior" (thanks, media!!), are our great moments. We're in a good place. We're happy. We're healthy. Morgan's in a safe and welcoming environment. And man, I'm damned proud of my child.

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