Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Are Not Invincible

How many of us go through each day as if this could be our last day with our children? So, we give them extra hugs, kisses, and pencil in more time for them. We shut off our phones, unplug the iPads and laptops, turn off the televisions, and allow our families to just be. 

I'd be willing to say not enough.

We are not invincible.

We are not superheroes or giants, rushing out to save the day, put out fires, and slay the evil dragons. Our children might sometimes see us this way. I hope the schools do, to an extent, but this just isn't how life works.

We are not angels, of mercy or otherwise.

We are human beings. 

We are parents.

We are people who just happen to be raising people with different abilities.

We rarely ever take the time to consider a lot of this and become so overwhelmed in the day in, day, of it all that we don't breathe. We barely listen to what our hearts and minds tell us we should be doing.

How many of you are kind to yourself? I know I'm not. I'm probably the least kind person when it comes to self loathing I know. Don't follow my example, please. This can be a very dark place and this hole is hard to crawl out of.

Be kind to you

We put things on the back burners because "there will always be tomorrow." I hear that mantra a lot (hint: I hear it from me. The mantra comes from me.). But there may not be a tomorrow. Or your tomorrow might look drastically different than you imagined.

Soak up the moment, it will help you savor the here and now. Don't allow one bad moment or bad thought destroy the entire day.

We are not invincible. 

Do me a favor, do something. Anything. Just do something. I don't care if it's doing that craft project with Suzi that she's been begging to do, or if it's zip lining. Spend real time with your child. As in, one on one time, not shuffling them back and forth to sports or therapies. Paint with your kid. Go looks at bugs. Spin and flap. Just try it out.

I'm scared to death that one day, my kids will look back and see more "bad" moments from me, moments of me feeling like crap thanks to RA, autoimmune disorders, VVS, and female problems than anything else. That isn't the mom I want to be known as.

I'm not invincible. But I'm their mom and I have to be a great one. Period.

Don't forget, you don't have to be supermom, just be a good mom.

Go be great today. 


  1. We focus so often on the facility of children that we fail to recognize our own. Parents have expiration dates. We will one day be obsolete. We absolutely need to take care of ourselves. Love that last line...Go be great today. Hope you will too!