Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Conversation With the Ginger

My little gingerdemon
My ginger kid kills me. I mean, really. I have the funniest and, sometimes, most bizarre conversations with this child.

Like today, when he told me how he was going to marry off his brother but still live with him.

"Mom," he said very seriously, "ya think when I get married I can find a girl for Morgan?"

"Um, Bay, you really should let Morgan pick out his own wife. It's sweet that you want to do it, but this is pretty 18th century nobility of you."

"But Mom, I love Morgan. I know what kind of girl he needs. Listen!"

"Uh, okay?" I was trying to take the kid seriously, alright?

"Good. Because here's the deal: she needs to be smart, funny, and love, love, LOVE trains. A lot. You know Morgan likes trains, right? And we're going to have a big train room in our house when we grow up."

"Wait a sec, Bay. You know that when you're married, you'll live on your own, right? And Morgan will live with his wife, right? That's is usually how this type of stuff works. Unless it's part of your religion or something."

"Well, Mom, I've gotta get Morgan married. Gotta get him married. But we're a team, me and him. And who's gonna drive me around? MORGAN, that's who. Morgan's the driver because he's awesome at Mario Kart."

I damn near choked. He thinks his brother is going to drive him around, huh? Okay...

"And Mom?"

"Yeah, doll?"

"You're still gonna cook. I like your cooking."

"So, let me get this straight, okay? You're gonna pick out Morgan's wife for him? And y'all are going to live to together with your wives. But he's the only driver. However, I'm the one cooking? Did I cover everything?"

"Nope! This is the best part! You're gonna do the laundry! And the cleaning! You're great at that!"

I laughed. This is kid is funny. And clearly off his rocker.

As I walked away to come type this, I heard, "Mom? You know what? You're really pretty. And smart. I want to marry a girl just like you." 

My gingerbaby
Meh. That kid isn't so bad. I'll keep him for a while.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am dying! He is brilliant! Can I borrow him to make me laugh when I am loosing my mind??

  2. OMG that is a riot this Kid is going to be a Comedian when he grows up. I am laughing my But off thank you for making my day. your Loyal Fan Sean

  3. That's all gold. Pure. Solid. Gold.