Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I support "Gay" Marriage

Tomorrow the Supreme Court of the United State will rule on Marriage Equality. I am hoping fervently they will rule in favor of equality for my friends and family members. This view of mine, and a majority of my friends, does not and will not make this blog post very popular, I think. But please allow me to explain why I hope this ruling happens.

At one point, my friends in biracial marriages would have been breaking the law by marrying. To me, that is wrong. We are all human beings.

At one point, my Autistic friends - and other special needs friends - would have been barred from marrying because they could have been labeled "retarded" by some laws. This is wrong. We are all human beings.

At one point in time, my Asian descent friends would have been barred from marrying my white or black friends. This is wrong because, again, we all human beings.

At one point in history,  my husband's American Indian (he has more than I) ancestry could have blocked him from marrying me. This is wrong. We're human beings. And we love each other.

I could keep going on, but I would hope that within these very short paragraphs you are seeing my pattern of thought.

The main thing that I have in common with all of my friends who have gotten married is that we love our spouses, not matter the color of our skin or neurology. Love is love.

To us, and to me especially, we cannot fathom preaching equal rights for our son and citizens just like him (meaning Autistics and other special needs people) without also advocating for equal rights for our other loved ones. It just seems right. How can I ever say that I want my son to be able to attain rights others have, but then say my neurotypical friends cannot? Because I'm "morally" opposed to it? This isn't murder. This isn't stealing. Religion, to me, shouldn't enter into this discussion. This is love.

So, this is me, putting my feelings for equal marriage rights out there. Whether you stand with me or not, that is your prerogative.

*I will be moderating comments for this article because, frankly, I don't want to hear negativity.I will publicly shame your ass if you want to issue death threats to my family and me, thanks! I feel like I'm putting enough out there to begin with. If you disagree with me on this one issue, that's fine. I'm being respectful with my opinion, please be respectful with yours. Thank you. 

*Editor's note: As of today, June 26, 2013, PROP 8 and most of DOMA was overturned. Marriage equality, people. Love is love. Carry on.

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