Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I know the perpetual child, it is not mine

*contains cursing, sarcasm

A lot of hell gets raised within the Autism community (and for a great reason) that Autism isn't a child only diagnosis, should not be discussed as such, should not be promoted by charities/organizations/parents/politicians/etc as such and moreover, that Autism never, ever, EVER goes away. Yet, people, neurotypical people, seem to be fine with discussing Autism as if this is only something that "afflicts" children. So then, what happens to Autistic children? Do they, as some recent -and panned- reports suggest "grow out" of Autism? Um, no, no they don't. If Autistic children did grow out of Autism, then I doubt that there would be so damned many Autistic adults running around the planet and writing so many blogs, two of which are pinned to the right over there. >>>

I think I know why neurotypicals like to promote Autism as a child-based "disorder" and that's because it looks more tragic and therefore stands to gain more attention, more money for organizations, etc. I don't get it, but it makes sense in only that fashion. Yet, it discredits all of the adult Autists I know. This thinking discredits all of the adult Autists, period.

However, that's not what this post is really about. No, this post is about something that is really, truly bothering me and doesn't have so much to do about Autism.

This post is about something which must be stopped because it is the true epidemic, not Autism.

I have found the perpetual children hiding in society. They are in our midst. You might even know one. Or two. Hell, you might know several dozen if you're truly unlucky.

Perhaps upon first or twentieth or, God forbid, one millionth, glance the perpetual child seems fun and always has something loosely planned. That plan is always something better that what you yourself could come up with. The perpetual child may not appear to have a job, yet always has money. This does not make the PC (sorry, that was getting to be a pain to write) wealthy by any means. The PC might seem like your friend and will always be surrounded by people. The PC will be the wittiest person you meet. The PC might take place in environmentally friendly activities or profess a love of organic farming; these things seem "cool" and gives the PC rights to wear witty and chemically faded shirts proclaiming him/her as the crunchy granola type.

The PC must love beer. That beer must be better than yours, always. Same goes for any other alcohol choices. The PC is going to be snarky. Snarkier than me snarky- this is saying something, people.

So, what is "wrong" with the PC? Well, on first, twentieth, or millionth glance, nothing really. However, then you really get to know the PC. Maybe it's a feeling that tips you off. Maybe it's when you cross that person. Perhaps the PC doesn't get his/her way and, like a child, pitches a tantrum- which they often and always will. That's when you get to dissect everything.

The reason why everything is always loosely planned? Something better might come up. You can't come up with something better because likely, they ripped it off from a professional or Pinterest.

The money? Parents. This is pathetic especially if the PC is over college age. The circle of friends? That is ever evolving due to the PC not wanting people to catch on to his/her truest of true nature, this could be dangerous and would thus end any and all friendships. You know, people talk.  God forbid if you have a child who is in some way "less better" than their child, because you will hear about it in the form of subtle digs... though you'll never be completely sure- you'll always just be a bit paranoid.

The witty remarks? Double edged sword which goes along with the snark. Be careful of anything that PC says to you. Likely or not, it's an insult disguised behind a compliment.

Organic farming/environmentally friendly? See Pinterest comment. For the beer remark, also see Pinterest comment.

The PC actually leads a shell of a life. Those the PC seems to have it all, he or she does not. The PC lacks more than the most basic of social skills and graces. The PC might be highly educated, but incredibly stupid for, if he or she were really smart, he or she would know what matters most in life is being loved for who you are and not for how others perceive you. The PC does not allow anyone to scratch the surface of his or her existence because that would be allowing someone too close, too deep. The PC is, without you really knowing it, the most shallow and lonely person you know. Also, the PC's life expectancy might run as short as 40 years or as long as 90, but always will end lonely and ostracized.

Why do I choose to write about this? Because it hit me not so long ago and keeps hitting me that some of the very people who are supposed to be our closest allies are, unfortunately, the furthest things from that. They are the real perpetual children in the world.

Thank God my son and thousands like him are growing up every day. Hey, maybe that therapy is giving him a jump start on life skills!

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