Monday, January 2, 2012

Blessed in the new year

I haven't blogged in a month due to the craziness of the holiday season, so I'm just going to give the synopsis.

Morgan did very well over the holidays, even though we traveled. It helped tremendously that we went to my mom's place, which he's always loved, and his grampa was there (he works out of state)! There was some misunderstandings (mild) over Morgan's tone of voice and if he was being rude or not and honestly, I stayed more on edge and stimmed my butt off more than Morgan did. This means I pretty much chain smoked. I know it's going to take a while for everyone around me to get used to the way they have to approach Morgan.. it's different from how we've been doing it, that's all.

My gramma must have found something on Oprah or in her magazines about AS because she came up to me and suggested that Morgan was "high functioning" and had really "opened up" to her for the first time (he came up to her, hugged her and said "I like you"). Haha, she bribed him gave him a present like she always does at the very start of the visit. So yeah, Gram, he's thawed- toward your wallet. He hung out around all Christmas day hoping to get another $10 bill off of her! Also, according to him, not all old people smell funny anymore. His brother disagrees.

Also, my kids got Lenovo tablets from their Granny (my mom is Babe, Thomas' is Granny). Now they can play educational games Angry Birds on trips! They can also say "poop" "potty" "butt" "pee" and other gross things to a Transformers Autobot in an app where it repeats it back to you, total echolalia, if you ask me.. but they enjoy it.

Morgan touched my heart the way he shopped for his brother's Christmas and birthday presents. Normally, Morgan is in and out of a store when shopping for me or his daddy. Now, for Bay? Or one of his peers? NO. He'll take over an hour if he has to- especially Bay. He wants it to be the perfect gift, Bay's favorite. I think this year he succeeded :)

I'm so very blessed to have these two boys that love each other so much. They've brought color and life into my world. Morgan has expanded my boundaries and my heart from the very beginning and Bay has turned all of our world's upside down :)

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