Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Today I was grateful.

We were by ourselves and no explanations, no funny looks, no "why does he make that sound?" happened.

We were alone at the pool and it was wonderful.

My boys played like only they can play, with their own language and movement.

They raced. They dove. They sang. They smiled.

They were children.

They didn't cry. They didn't notice the stares I notice. They didn't feel the scrutiny I feel and shrug off.

I didn't fight the urge to scream from the noises, to shove children away from my children for calling names or touching them, or sit on the pool steps coiled like a spring, ready to take action. Or look on with bated breath, afraid that my autistic son, in his efforts to make a friend in his community, will innocently do what is consider the wrong thing by his typical and rather boorish peers. Even though he's just doing what his clique at school taught him was okay.

I was able to breathe.

I enjoyed myself.

I smiled.

I sang with my kids and swam.

I didn't fear.

I didn't steam.

I didn't tell a parent to control their child, too.

I know I shouldn't let other people matter, but sometimes they do. Sometimes, I need to be by myself with my kids. I don't want the world to interfere because sometimes, the world's inhabitants can be awful.

Today, we were lucky.

Today was a great day.

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