Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank God this year was different

Saturday marked the day I gave birth to a big, bouncing, 10.5lb baby boy. My first born. My Morgan. His birth marked the start of a journey I could never have predicted, one with more ups than downs, more twists and turns than straights and narrows, and more joy than heart ache.

However, this particular post is something painful for me to think about and even more so to write about. The reason I do so is because, as a mom in the autism community, I believe, it is something we've all been through to a degree at some point- exclusion of our child.

As Morgan would say, let me tell you a story...

Last year, we planned a huge party for our great kid. I mean HUGE. Sixty invites huge. I was coaching soccer and Morgan wanted to invited ALL of the children from his classes (he switched for math and reading, so there were three classes total) and the whole soccer team (ten kids). Three of the kids from the team had valid excuses for not coming. The rest, I'll never know. His classes? I have no idea. All I know is that we had about 20 RSVPs, I  prepped about 50 goody bags, and decorated my ass off.

Then came the day of the party. We prepped food! We stuffed and hung pinatas! Morgan stimmed SO hard, he was that excited.

Then two guests showed up. With the exception of a couple that was invited for the sole reason of having a preschooler (i.e.- entertainment for Bailey... plus, the drunken wife made an ass out of herself by telling anyone who would listen "people didn't come because they think he's retarded?!" yeah, wanted to slap her- especially when MY SON heard it)... that was it. Morgan, bless his heart, never noticed until it was time to open presents and a sweet little boy piped up "shouldn't we wait til the other kids get here?" After that, we ALL had to work hard to distract Morgan.

This year, however... this year, was what I wanted for my son last year. The doorbell wouldn't stop ringing for an hour. Kids were everywhere! Anyone who came and brought Morgan a present, gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine present! Morgan was beyond thrilled.

I reserved the movie theater here at the complex, knowing he would get two movies for his birthday,  and we had kids in there from 6 until 10. Then, the kicker:  Morgan had a SLEEPOVER. His special friend, B, her brother, D, cutie little Z, and Bailey were all crowded into the back bedroom watching Peter Pan. Well, Morgan was the only one up after about 15 minutes, lol.

I'm just thrilled that my son finally got a birthday he deserved. With kids. It went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I love humanity, when it shows up.


  1. I know just how you felt when that comment about retarded was made. I had a parent once pull her son and put him on her lap when my son went up to talk to him. I guess she thought he might "catch something" like having Autism is catchy. So happy the following year was a great year.

  2. Oh, I've had my fair share of "don't catch the autism bug" from other parents! The worst was after the dx was made. It was akin to announcing our son had the PLAGUE. Calls for playdates STOPPED. Family members CHANGED. My dad kept telling me "he'll be fine and outgrow it." Wth? I think that's why I'm soooo overprotective. I immediately will jump down someone's throat half the time if I even suspect they are looking at my son cross-eyed, lol. Now, the "r" word? Ohhh, no! I WILL jump down someone's throat for, no questions asked!